BuiltWith is a free extension for Firefox and Chrome

BuiltWith is a free extension available for Firefox and Chrome browsers that lets you create a technical profile of any website. Isn't it great to know what technologies does your prospective clients use before you engage them?

With a steadily growing market share, Firefox and Chrome are arguably two of the best web browsers in the market. While a large amount of users would never go beyond Internet Explorer, most designers, developers, coders and many other advanced users, have already switched to one of these two.

One of the reasons why knowledgable users favor these browsers is the amount of extensions available for them that extend their functionalities to a whole new level.

Today we want to tell you about a very useful extension available for both Google's and Mozilla's products: BuiltWith, and we will guide you through the (easy) installation process in Firefox.

A technology profiler plugin.

BuiltWith is a reverse technology lookup service, which offers free and paid services for lead generation, sales intelligence and market analysis among others. BuiltWith offers an extension for Firefox and Chrome that will allow you to find out very useful information about any website you visit with just one click.

Among the data this plugin will generate, you will be presented with web server type, web host information, content management system used, web analytics tools, advertising channels, etc.

To install this plugin in Firefox, follow this steps:

1- Click on Firefox menu → Add-ons option.

Firefox menu

2- Add-ons Manager will open in a new tab, type "BuiltWith" -without the quotas- on the search field (top right corner)

3- The Available Add-Ons tab will display the latest version of the plugin (1.9.5 as of this writing). Click on the Install button. A browser restart will be needed.

Firefox plugin installation

The installation in Chrome is very easy as well and we will not go over it today, because if you're reading this article, then you already know how to add an extension to your web browser, right?

BuiltWith not only displays information of a website, it also provides information about technologies: you could look for the usage statistics of WordPress the last six month, for instance.

Online option.
For those who don't like/want to add extension to your browsers, BuiltWith profiler also works online, just go to their website, type the URL you want to analyze in the search field and click on the Lookup button.

Let us know in the comments how do you take advantage of this tool!


Disclaimer: Multicored! is not affiliated with BuiltWith, article for informational purposes only.