Welcome to Multicored!

Welcome to Multicored! A brief greeting message from the staff.

"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal." - Earl Nightingale

Today I am a successful man because I am fulfilling a long-cherished dream: Multicored! is online!

Multicored! is not just another technology blog, but rather a digital tech magazine aimed at experts and novices alike. But instead of telling you now what this publication is intended to be, I think it is wiser to say once and for all what we will not be: We will not be another magazine predicting the future of things we all know; We will not exploit news repeated ad nauseam by other publications; Our opinion will not be biased, no buying guides will be offered for exclusive items that most of us will never actually buy; We will never sell our tutorials because we believe in the free and open nature of knowledge; And above all, we will never disappoint our readers with banal and unworthy journalism.

Multicored! is taking off today as an individual effort, but I am confident that very soon people with similar views and interests will join the team to help me make this a better magazine.

Without any further delay, you are officially welcomed to which will be from now on the website of choice for the technophiles: Multicored!

Esteban Vargas