Linux dominates the enterprise market

 The Linux Foundation has just released its 2013 Enterprise End User Report and the results confirm a steady increase of the Linux distributions at enterprise level.

The study was conducted in partnership with Yeoman Technology Group and aimed to track the growth of Linux use in large enterprises.

The survey was conducted among companies and organizations with sales of more than $500 million and/or more than 500 employees. According to the report, Linux outgrowth Windows in revenue, boosting a 12.7% year-over-year increase compared to a 3.1% year-over-year increase for Microsoft's operating system. It also showed that large enterprises are increasing their investments in Linux all over the world.

Linux was identified as the platform for around 76 percent of cloud servers, with 74% of organizations planning to maintain or increase Linux use for future cloud solutions. For mission critical workloads, Linux accounts for 73% of market share. Meanwhile, in the area of new applications, services and greenfield deployments, more than 75% of organizations deployed Linux in the last two years.

Linux Vs Windows growth year-over-year

If you are interested in reading the full report, you can obtain it here.

The perception of Linux as a strategic technology for enterprises reached a 95% among Management and IT personnel, and given the exponential growth of Linux among large scale enterprises, the biggest hiccup Linux will find on its path is the lack of trained Linux talent. In direct response this issue, The Linux Foundation also reports it has seen an increase in the enrollment in Linux training programs.

Microsoft will have to step up its game to regain market share in a highly profitable market segment where Linux gains terrain every day, or will find itself very soon in a position where its presence won't go beyond the consumer products.

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